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Overseas Employment

Airpak Travel & Tours is a Pakistani based Recruiting Agency Specialized in overseas employment promotion. The company has the most experienced individual in its team who are veteran  in overseas employment, human resources management, processing visas and handling other relevant affairs.

As a nation, we have demonstrated a remarkable ability of learning and adapting to meet the requirements of technical and semi-technical jobs in several developed or developing countries in recent years. Nearly a million Pakistani employees are actively engaged as partners in the progress of several countries which has enhanced the image of Pakistan’s workforce. Whichever activity said employees have been engaged in, their work has been appreciated by their foreign employers. Their devotion to duty, willingness to work even under tightening circumstances and beyond fixed hours has been widely acknowledged.

Our reputation for success is closely linked with our ability to provide the best possible service to our clients by providing a fast and cost-effective solution to match their needs. We as a company strive to provide prompt and efficient services and always aim to provide complete satisfaction to both the employer and employee.

  • Procuring suitable manpower ranging from highly skilled professionals to unskilled workers from Pakistan.
  • We also maintain a network of trusted regional affiliates and are able to assist our clients with their recruiting needs in Bangladesh and Nepal.
  • Collect, collate and shortlist candidate CVs that are received through the advertisements we place on behalf of our principals.
  • We are also able to provide pre-selected personnel from our existing database as per the needs and instructions of our clients.
  • Conduct interviews for selection of candidates.
  • Collect and verify documents of selected candidates.
  • Complete all the formalities necessary to ensure candidate can travel to job
  • Visa, medical test, exit approval (Protector). etc